TED Translators launch on CaptionHub!

We’re thrilled to announce that TED Translators officially launched on CaptionHub!

What is CaptionHub? It’s a collaborative subtitling platform that helps users subtitle videos quickly and accurately — all in a streamlined workflow.

Why TED Translators’ partnership with CaptionHub? CaptionHub offers a user-friendly experience with an advanced suite of tools that allow users to create high-quality subtitles. Plus, it includes a number of features that translators have long requested:

  • Review assignment access limited to qualified users
  • Audio waveform and spellcheck
  • Line-by-line comments in the subtitle editor
  • Different assignment limits according to user role
  • Personal and language community activity metrics

In addition, users will be able to use AI-generated drafts as a starting point for their transcripts in many languages. With future development, we’ll also have the ability to integrate with TED-specific AI models, as well as translation memory tools.

We’ll have more information on TED Translators’ launch on CaptionHub to share with you soon. In the meantime, we’d like to extend a big thank-you to TED’s tech team and CaptionHub, who have worked tirelessly to build out this new experience for TED Translators. We look forward to what the future of TED Translators’ partnership with CaptionHub holds, and we hope you do too.