A new TED Translators reviewer tutorial

Last December, we published an updated TED Translators tutorial as part of our revamped onboarding process for new volunteers. That animated video highlights both fundamental TED Translators guidelines and best practices for subtitling.

Now, we’re pleased to share with you the second installment in this tutorial series: “A Guide to Reviewing with TED Translators”. For this video, we collaborated with Language Coordinators (LCs) in order to home in on and present our top tips for TED Translators reviewers:

  • Be qualified (have at least 5 published translations or transcriptions)
  • Watch the talk first (before you make edits)
  • Give useful, actionable feedback
  • Send it back (when there are repeat errors)
  • Work as a team

Watch the video for a full explanation of each tip.

Reviewers are vital members of the TED Translators family. They ensure that subtitles are accurate and in line with TED’s quality standards, and, in doing so, contribute significantly to the growth of the global TED Translators community.

Interested in becoming a reviewer? Check out the video above for all the info you need to know to join us!

5 thoughts on “A new TED Translators reviewer tutorial

  1. Ted talk speaks for human mind and exfolearation of ideas.As a team we are from the Philippines.

  2. I am a huge fan of the inspiring ted-talks and Eds which I want to translate into my native language called Tigrigna. Its spoken in Eritrea and Ethopia specifically in Tigray as an official language.I AM SURE TED-TALKS & EDS WOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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