TED Translators at TED2018: Maricene Crus


Last week, we introduced you to the TED Translators slated to attend TED2018 in April. As we’ve done in the past, we’re following up with several of these folks to get to know them a bit better. Our first mini-interview is with Maricene Crus, a Brazilian film translator and English teacher, who was gracious enough to tell us about what fuels her as a TED Translator, her activities outside of translation, an amazing Brazilian doctor and more.

How long have you been translating with TED Translators? What initially drew you to TED Translators, and what keeps you going?

I’ve worked with TED Translators since November 2014. After using TED Talks as engaging and effective teaching tools in my English classes, and after a move out of São Paulo took me away from my longtime volunteering with GRAACC, I decided to join TED Translators to both contribute to TED and give myself a new way to volunteer.

As for what keeps me going with TED Translators, a big factor is the recognition I receive for mentoring the incredible translators in our community on a daily basis.

Out of all the TED Talks you’ve translated, which one stands as your favorite?

Ah, there are so many, but I love this talk by Linda Cliatt-Wayman with all my heart.

What do you do when you’re not busy translating?

I love hanging out and playing with my nieces and nephew whenever I can. I also enjoy watching movies, walks in the park, reading and craftwork (especially fuxico).

The theme of TED2018 is The Age of Amazement. Can you tell us about an amazing idea, event or person from your country that/whom you think more folks should know about?

I think the world should know more about Dr. Sérgio Petrilli, a brilliant 71-year-old pediatric oncologist and an incredible human being. In 1991, he helped mobilize doctors, volunteers and partners to found GRAACC. Since then, thanks to donations and a great business-management model, the hospital has grown from an old two-story house into an eight-story state-of-the-art complex that each year treats, free of charge, over 15,000 cancer-afflicted children and adolescents from all over Brazil—with a 70-percent success rate in most cases. Dr. Petrilli’s leadership has also overseen numerous important scientific studies at GRAACC, including stem-cell research in pursuit of cures for various forms of cancer. What’s more, the hospital provides gratis lodging and emotional support for the families of patients that come from outside São Paulo and cannot afford these services on their own.

I am proud to have worked with this vital and respected institution, and I’m thrilled to have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Petrilli, a man of impeccable character and dignity who embodies professionalism and humanitarianism.

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  1. I feel lucky to have Maricene as my reviewer, the very high level of her feed-back is always a motivation to join the TED project, she is a great inspiration and for sure a role model!! Congratulations Maricene for your interview and thanks for all!

  2. My aunt is so amazing!! She teaches me English since I was a little kid and last year she took me into an amazing trip to London and Paris, where I used my English to comunnicate with people from all around the world!! I love her so much ❤️

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