Spreading the word: TED Translators at TEDxBeaconStreet

Photo by John Werner

On November 18, TEDxBeaconStreet took place at Boston’s JFK Library. The gathering featured a remarkably rich and diverse speaker lineup that included, among others, former NASA astronauts, Harvard and MIT professors, and a cast member of the critically acclaimed musical Hamilton. Also in attendance, to represent and promote TED Translators, were the program’s director, Jenny Zurawell, and deputy director, Helene Batt.

During one of TEDxBeaconStreet’s multiple sessions, Jenny and Helene presented an overview of TED Translators and its indispensability in terms of spreading TEDx Talks globally. The duo detailed the program’s current scope (30,000 volunteers across 157 countries who work in 115 languages), how anyone interested in transcribing or translating her favorite TEDx Talks can join TED Translators, as well as the unparalleled exposure the program can provide TEDx Talks.

To underscore the last point, Jenny and Helene cited Robert Waldinger’s talk at TEDxBeaconStreet in 2015: Following its English transcription, the talk was soon translated into Ukrainian, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew and dozens of other languages–an international ripple effect of translation that brought Waldinger’s talk to audiences it otherwise might not have reached. And, since TEDx Talks are officially published on YouTube, Jenny and Helene emphasized the fact that YouTube videos with subtitles are watched more often than those without them–which means that transcribing and translating TEDx Talks is the optimal way to maximize their views.

It’s safe to say that when all was said and done at this year’s TEDxBeaconStreet gathering, the attendees left encouraged and invigorated to get involved with the TED Translators program and begin spreading their favorite talks from the event around the world.

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