TED Translators at TEDWomen 2017


TEDWomen 2017 went down in New Orleans last week, and 10 TED Translators were in attendance to represent the global TED Translators community:

Raissa Rosanna Mendes (Brazil)
Yan Yi (Anny) Chung (US)
Masako Kigami (Japan)
Monika Saraf (US)
Stefania Betti (Italy)
Danielle Bilot (US)
Ivan Stamenkovic (Croatia)
Maryam Manzoori (US)
Mariya Udud (US)
Meriç Aydonat (US)

The translators kicked off the conference before the first speaker session with a private brunch to meet and get to know each other a bit better. Representatives from TED’s mobile team joined the TED Translators there to discuss the importance of subtitles with regard to cultivating a larger international audience on TED’s mobile apps.

Over TEDWomen 2017’s three days, the translators participated in interviews with the mobile team in order to provide feedback on the mobile-app experience in different languages. They also held a second TED Translators meet-up to delve into community-development ideas, new ways to increase awareness of the TED Translators program and acknowledge translators’ contributions, as well as to plan future group meetings over Skype.

All in all, TEDWomen 2017 offered TED Translators yet another excellent venue for some of its members to come together, exchange new insights and broaden the program’s global reach.

4 thoughts on “TED Translators at TEDWomen 2017

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    1. Hi there, Flint Interpreter!

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      All best,


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