Where TED Translators can take you

Hanna Leliv at EdCamp Ukraine. (Photo courtesy of Hanna Leliv.)

Here at TED Translators, we often report on large TED and TEDx events; but today we’d like to share a brief yet illuminating story from one of our Ukrainian translators, Hanna Leliv.

Several years back, Hanna translated a TED Talk by author and educator Sir Ken Robinson. Her excellent work on that eventually led to her translating two of Robinson’s books into Ukrainian, as well as a professional relationship between the two that’s still going strong.

Case in point: At the end of April, the third annual EdCamp Ukraine gathering took place. The event brought together over 700 educators from Ukraine (including the country’s Minister of Education) and many other nations around the world. Hanna was among EdCamp Ukraine’s attendees, and she presented a ten-minute video address by Robinson (which she’d coordinated with him prior to the gathering) to the audience. Viewers received insightful encouragement from Robinson, particularly with regard to furthering collaborative and holistic education methods over standardized ones.

Here, then, is proof positive that TED Translators’ efforts aren’t confined to the individual level; translating TED or TEDx Talks can open doors and transcend borders in profound and surprising ways. Join us and see for yourself!

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