TED Translators at TEDxBlumenau 2017


On April 30, TEDxBlumenau 2017 went down in Brazil, under the theme Momentum. Claudia Sander, a Brazilian Portuguese TED Translator, and her daughter were in attendance to help build momentum for TED Translators.

The pair set up and ran an info station where event participants could engage with a PowerPoint presentation on TED Translators, as well as check out the Amara platform and its translation, transcription and other capabilities. Claudia and her daughter also collected the names and email addresses of attendees who expressed interest in volunteering with TED Translators, and they handed out cards with their contact information so participants could reach out to them, too.

Following TEDxBlumenau, Claudia and her daughter emailed the folks who’d signed their mailing list, detailing how they could join TED Translators and providing them with several tutorials—all with the aim of mentoring these attendees to become regular volunteers in the near future.

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