TED Translators at TEDxUlaanbaatarLive

TEDxUBLive organizers

TEDxUlaanbaatar events have been taking place in Mongolia for several years now, contributing substantially to the Mongolian translation community’s steady growth. On April 27, Tuya Bat, a Mongolian TED Translator and TEDWomen 2016 attendee, along with a number of other TED Translators and TEDxUlaanbaatar volunteers, added to this growth with TEDxUlaanbaatarLive.

The gathering featured talks from TED2017, which Tuya and her colleagues translated into Mongolian and then screened at a new theater in Ulaanbaatar. Attendees were treated to some of the newest TED Talks in an atmosphere meant to approximate TED2017 as much as possible.

As Tuya said after TEDxUlaanbaatarLive, the event was a resounding success, particularly because it marked the first collaboration between Mongolian TED Translators and TEDx volunteers, and because it provided those in attendance with a unique opportunity to engage with recent TED Talks in their native language in almost real time.

Plans are already under way for more TEDxLive gatherings in Mongolia, so stay tuned here for updates on those.

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