TED Translators at TEDxExeter

TEDxExeter / Exeter School of Art

On April 21, the sixth TEDxExeter event took place at the English city’s Northcott Theatre. Over a dozen speakers and performers—ranging from renowned author and TED Speaker Andrew Solomon to the music and empowerment group Kagemusha Taiko—and more than 900 attendees gathered to explore the theme of Hope.

Among those in attendance at TEDxExeter were TED Translators community manager Dimitra Papageorgiou and nine TED Translators, representing eight different languages, who’d been invited as honored guests by the conference’s curator, Claire Kennedy:

Screened from the main stage was the short video Everybody can transcribe TEDx talks!, a primer on the importance, benefits and relative ease of getting involved with transcribing TEDx talks. After the screening, a number of TEDxExeter attendees availed themselves to start transcribing and translating the conference’s talks into their respective languages. In addition, the eight UK-based TED Translators present at the event created a Facebook group for future exchanges and collaborations.

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