TED Translators idiom stickers at TED2017


Before TED2017 got under way earlier this week, the 10 TED Translators invited to the conference submitted idioms in their native languages; these were then illustrated by UK artist Masahito Leo Takeuchi and turned into stickers.

As a fun way for the translators to connect with their fellow TED2017 attendees and share a part of their respective cultures, they’ve been giving out their stickers to folks and explaining the idioms pictured on them.

Check out the idiom stickers from TED2017 and TEDSummit 2016 (where idiom stickers were handed out for the first time) here.

3 thoughts on “TED Translators idiom stickers at TED2017

    1. Hi there.

      Unfortunately, these stickers aren’t available for purchase; they were made in a limited amount specifically for TED2017.

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