A brief check-in with TED Translators in Poland

warsaw workshop
Photo by Paulina ‘Pina’ Bartosińska

On March 26, a dozen Polish TED Translators, in conjunction with TEDxWarsaw, gathered in Poland’s capital for their fourth community-building workshop.

The event opened with a fun ice-breaker activity, and included several interactive exercises and quizzes. (Read the full event writeup by organizer Kinga Garnette-Skorupska.) The workshop’s aim was to bring together Polish translators and transcribers to build relationships and to discuss their collective subtitling efforts, recent issues they’ve encountered in their work, as well as the different tools and resources available to them.

As the event wrapped up, attendees planned independent meet-ups and “transcribeathons” to put into practice what they explored and learned in Warsaw. All in all, the workshop was yet another boon for TED Translators’ growing Polish contingent.

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