TED Translators at TEDxMohammedia

Lalla Khadija Tigha on stage at TEDxMohammedia

In North African news, TED Translator Lalla Khadija Tigha recently represented TED Translators at TEDxMohammedia in Morocco. This was the first time TED Translators collaborated with a TEDx event in the country.

TEDxMohammedia posed the question What if? to its speakers. In part of her presentation and response, Lalla shared her personal experience as a TED Translator, as well as the tremendous reach TED Translators has achieved in terms of spreading ideas and knowledge globally. She also invited and encouraged the audience to join TED Translators.

Lalla’s talk and invitation were embraced by many attendees, who enthusiastically sought her out afterward for more information on getting involved with TED Translators. In addition, Fatima Zahra El Aouam, a TEDxMohammedia organizer, said that she and her team look forward to future collaborations with Lalla and TED Translators—such as a soon-to-be-scheduled “transcribeathon” for all of the event’s talks.

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