TED’s newest most-subtitled talk

At TEDxTrondheim 2015, an event organized by TED Translator Martin Hassel, TED Translator Marleen Laschet delivered a talk titled “Speak to the heart”. In it, she explores how speaking to people around the world in their native languages—or at least attempting to—can go a long way toward breaking linguistic, cultural and other barriers between us.

We’re excited to report that “Speak to the heart” recently became TED’s most-subtitled talk, and it’s now available to watch in 72 languages. Previously, Matt Cutts’ TED Talk, “Try something new for 30 days”, held this position with 71 subtitled languages.

Marleen is one of 10 TED Translators who will attend TED2017, which takes place from April 24 to 28 in Vancouver, BC. You can check out her insightful “Speak to the heart” talk here.

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