TED Translators at TEDxBrussels


On March 6, TEDxBrussels held its sixth gathering to date. About 1,800 people attended, including six TED Translators: Klavdija Cernilogar, Yulia Kallistratova, Elise Lecamp, Kim Paulissen, Dick Stada and Dries Van der Smissen.

The translators delved into various topics in their meetings and conversations throughout the event: how TEDx speakers preserve emotional truth in their talks by delivering them in their first languages; the importance of maintaining this truth in translations; and how to motivate veteran volunteers to review more transcribed talks.

After TEDxBrussels wrapped up, the TED Translators in attendance were eager to start transcribing and translating the gathering’s talks, which will be available online in the coming weeks.

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