10 TED Translators selected to attend TED2017

t17_logoWe’re thrilled to announce the 10 TED Translators who’ve been invited to attend TED2017! The conference will take place in Vancouver, BC, from April 24 to 28, but the following translators will arrive a day early to participate in a TED Translators workshop before jumping into the main event:

  1. Mario Eugenio Gioto Junior (Brazilian Portuguese).
  2. Morgane Quilfen (French).
  3. Hiroko Kawano (Japanese, English).
  4. Ghalia Turki (Arabic, English).
  5. Marleen Laschet (Norwegian, Dutch, German).
  6. Gunperi Sisman (Turkish).
  7. Sundari Enkhtugs (Mongolian).
  8. Seo-Ho Cho (Korean).
  9. Yasushi Aoki (Japanese, English).
  10. Kevin Álvarez (Spanish, Italian, English).

We’ll take a deeper look at these translators and their work next week, so be sure to check back in with us.

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