Highlights from TSCOW 2016

Photo credit: Gonzalo Esteguy.

Happy New Year, everyone! As we head into 2017, we’d like to take a quick look back at the TEDx Southern Cone Organizers Workshop (TSCOW 2016), which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, late last year. On October 23, the day after TEDxRíodelaPlata 2016, the workshop brought together TED Translators and organizers from 38 TEDx teams and 10 countries, including Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

One of TSCOW 2016’s main goals—to educate attendees on building and managing translation teams within their respective TEDx event teams—was tackled in a presentation by Gisela Giardino, a Spanish-language translator and TEDxRíodelaPlata team member. In addition, TED Translator and TEDxPESA curator Sebastian Betti reported on updates from TEDSummit, and recruited volunteers to transcribe, translate and coordinate TEDx translation teams. All in all, TSCOW 2016 proved to be a productive gathering for TED Translators and TEDx Organizers in the Southern Cone.

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