TED Translators at TEDxKyoto and TEDxTokyo

Natsuhiko Mizutani and Ai Tokimatsu at the TED Translators booth at TEDxKyoto.

Japanese TED Translators and TEDx-ers have a long history of collaborating to increase accessibility to TEDx talks. This year, as well as focusing on accessibility,  Japanese TED Translators aimed to grow their physical footprint at TEDx events throughout Japan.

In late October, at TEDxKyoto, Japan’s largest TEDx gathering, Natsuhiko Mizutani led a group of translators, including Yuko Yoshida and Ai Tokimatsu, in setting up a TED Translators booth to engage with attendees. They passed out TED Translators stickers and flyers with information about the program, and collected emails from potential volunteers. In addition, plans were finalized with TEDxKyoto and TEDxKobe organizers for a Japanese TED Translators workshop, which took place in early November.

Shortly after Kyoto, Natsuhiko and Ai were among 12 Japanese TED Translators invited to participate in TEDxTokyo by the event’s organizer. There, the translators networked with TEDx organizers and attendees, cultivating new relationships within the community and building on old ones.

“All in all,” Natsuhiko said, “both TEDxKyoto and TEDxTokyo were extremely productive gatherings; our presence as TED Translators ambassadors at each did quite a lot to raise awareness of our ongoing translation efforts and the greater Japanese translation community.”

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