Joining forces: TED Translators at TEDxCERN

TED Translators pose near the “Wandering the immeasurable” sculpture and the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN.

Twelve translators from around Europe arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, over the weekend to participate in TEDxCERN at the invitation of organizer Claudia Marcelloni de Oliveira.

“CERN is all about transparency and access to all. Translating materials into other languages is always an important part of our agenda,” said Marcelloni de Oliveira.

TED Translator Aurélie Goldblatt, who is also a CERN technical engineer and member of the TEDxCERN team, helped host the group, coordinating a program for translators that included a discussion panel called “The fully-automated human: How is technology augmenting our identities?” on Friday, a tour of the CERN facility as well as a special presentation by John Pym, head of the CERN Translation and Minutes Group.

“We were thrilled to work with Claudia to get TED Translators more involved. When TEDx organizers invite translators to their events, they not only grow their teams, but they also broaden the reach of their talks online and amplify the voices of their speakers. TEDx talks are more likely to be translated when translators share in the overall experience,” said Kristin Windbigler, director of the TED Translators program.

Many of the attending translators shared their excitement about visiting CERN. Dutch translator Rik Delaet, a retired science teacher, explained that he primarily focuses on translating science and medicine talks for students in Belgium, so the chance to attend an event at one of the most revered science institutions in the world was one he could not pass up. Polish Language Coordinator Kinga Skorupska said it was her teenage dream come true.

“It was thrilling to sit in the CERN cafeteria and hear scientists from around the world talking in multiple languages. Just like our program, CERN is a global exchange of ideas,” said Helene Batt, TED Translators distribution manager.

When translators attend TEDx events, cultures suddenly merge. Understanding and dialogue increases. People start to see beyond the complexities of language, and understand that we are not so different from one another.

In attendance were Kristin Windbigler, director of the TED Translators program, Helene Batt, translations distribution manager, Aurélie Goldblatt (French), Angelika Lueckert Leon (German), Tianshu Wang (Simplified Chinese), Annika Bidner (Swedish), Elena Montrasio (Italian), Kinga Skorupska (Polish and English), Muriel de Meo (Italian and English), Eric Vautier (French), Javi Garriz (Spanish), Rik Delaet (Dutch), Csaba Loki (Hungarian) and Moe Shoji (Japanese).

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  1. I did not know that there was a system like TEDxCERN used in the educational system. i know that there was a program used in teh United nations – is this similar?

  2. Hi am a young teenager from kenya and i would like to help in translating to the kenyas mothertoung language which is kiswahili am 16years old thank you.

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