TED Translators at TEDxUSP


On October 7, Brazilian Portuguese TED Translator Mario Gioto gave an informational presentation on TED Translators to an audience of about 700 people at TEDxUSP in São Paulo, Brazil. The talk was the brainchild of both Gioto and fellow TED Translator Gustavo Rocha; its goal was not only to increase awareness of TED Translators and its work, but also to encourage attendees to translate and transcribe their favorite TEDx talks from the event.

Rocha’s idea for such a presentation was inspired by a discussion session at the Translators Workshop at TEDSummit 2016; he and Gioto hope it will serve as a template for similar talks at future TEDx events throughout Brazil. Gioto and Rocha’s presentation received numerous enthusiastic responses from TEDxUSP audience members and speakers alike.

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