Amara development news, part 2

Design options explored for mentor badges

A few weeks ago, we detailed the completion of the first of three development phases on Amara. We’re excited to report that the second phase is well underway, and Amara’s development team would like to share their most recent progress with you:

  • The remaining page designs are close to finalized and will enter front-end development next month.
  • As part of this design round, we’re reviewing several fun and interesting ideas for mentorship badging.
  • We’re also designing a mentorship dashboard that offers various tools for managing and communicating with collaborators.
  • We’re in the process of devising data visualizations for the user dashboard, which will show translation activity both across the TED Translators community and at the individual-user level.
  • As of this week, more than half of the front-end development of Amara’s new UI has been completed. This includes the new messaging center, member directory and member-profile pages.
  • And finally, front-end work on the second of three batches of pages is finished, and Amara is integrating this second batch into the platform.

We’ll have more news on the ongoing Amara upgrade for you soon, so be sure to check back.

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