TED Translators in Latvia

Photo: Aleksandar Korom/TED

This past weekend, several TED Translators conducted a workshop at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. Co-hosted by TED Translators staff Dimitra Papageorgiou and Krystian Aparta, the gathering focused on enhancing collaboration and communication between TED Translators, particularly those based in the Baltic states and Russia.

Following local TED Translator Kristaps Kadikis’s introduction, Hanna Baradzina, a Belarusian TED Translator, presented TED Translators and Endangered Languages, an insightful look at her and others’ efforts to promote widespread Belarusian translation in her Russian-language-dominated country. Afterward, the attendees discussed Baradzina’s presentation and its implications, and then broke into groups to home in further on collaboration and communication.

Some of the main issues taken up during the breakout session were how to better recruit new translators and how to encourage more veteran translators to review others’ work. Professional translators and linguistics students were identified as key potential candidates who could help in these areas. The workshop attendees also highlighted various usability concerns related to Amara—concerns which the ongoing Amara upgrade will address.

As the gathering wrapped up, plans were made for future workshops and similar events to bolster the Baltic and Russian translation communities; the consensus was that such meetings will go a long way toward enhancing collaboration and communication among TED Translators in the region.

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