Amara development news

A sneak-peek at part of the Amara dashboard developed in phase 1.

At the recent TEDSummit 2016, we announced that Amara was undergoing a series of upgrades to enhance its collaboration capabilities. We’re pleased to report that the first  of three development phases has been completed. The second phase is currently underway.

Although these upgrades won’t appear on Amara until all three development phases are finished, Amara would like to give the TED community visibility into their progress thus far. For starters, Amara carried out front-end development and platform integration on the dashboard and video page. Amara also completed design on a number of components, including:

  • The video index: where volunteers find videos and new assignments.
  • The subtitle-management page: where staff and admins manage community assignments.
  • The messaging center: an email-style communication system.
  • The subtitles page: where the latest subtitle revision appears with crediting information.
  • The member directory: where volunteers find and message others.
  • The member-profile page: where volunteers see current and past assignments.
  • The application-review page: where staff approve new applicants.
  • The activity page: where volunteers see community and language stats.
  • The team landing page: where new users sign up.

We’ll have an update on the second part of the development roadmap soon, so stay tuned.