TED Open Translation Project is now TED Translators


TED Translators at TEDSummit2016, Banff, Canada. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

We’re excited to introduce TED Translators, the revamped name for TED’s translation program, which will replace “TED Open Translation Project.” Why this change? Not only is the new identity more concise, but it also more personally represents our translator community. On top of that, TED Translators fits nicely into our family of other contributor communities (TED Fellows and TED Speakers, for example).

So, what does this change mean for current and future TED Translators? In the coming weeks, you may notice some online rebranding efforts (like this blog) as we transition the Open Translation Project to TED Translators. But rest assured: the name change is simply the beginning of bigger and better developments to come for TED’s translator community. Going forward, we encourage you to start using “TED Translators” in your respective communities. We hope you’ll find that this new identity strengthens and broadens the reach of your work.

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